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Web Publishing Guide

The Marketing and Communications Department (MarCom) has been designated as the custodian of LAU’s official presence on the World Wide Web. However, LAU lacks rules and procedures for publishing materials on LAU servers, and decisions in that regard are made arbitrarily. The terms proposed in this document are meant to provide a basis for standardization of website development and procedures.

This document was prepared between March and September 2009 by MarCom, in consultation with various LAU officials.

Intended Audience

The Rules and procedures section is intended for administrative officers who are the decision makers in matters related to starting, redesigning, maintaining or discontinuing a university website.

The Standards section is a reference for faculty and staff involved in website creation as well as a practical guide for web designers, editors, developers and information architects.

The Authoring guidelines section provides advice for website authors of various competencies — information providers, writers, designers, developers, etc.

Official Version

The online version of this document is the official version of LAU’s Web Publishing Guide. PDF and print versions may be provided for convenience only. When in doubt, please refer to the official online version as it will be current at all times.

A school, academic department, administrative office, committee or council may allow the development of additional web standards, as long as they do not conflict with the standards set forth in LAU’s Web Publishing Guide.

University standards supersede any unit’s internal standards.


The word user denotes the party that requests a website-related service from MarCom. Website users are referred to as visitors.

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